Delusions of Adequacy

Mon, 28 Feb 2005

Back at uni

I'm back at UQ enrolled in a B.Sc. again. Yes, I already have a B.Sc. from there but this time I'm taking Earth Science subjects courses. Hopefully I'll end up doing honours, assuming my enthusiasm isn't crushed first and I can afford to be there for that long.

Lectures started today. I'm taking three subjects with only twelve contact hours per week. Unfortunately they've managed to spread them out across all five days, so annoyingly I have two days with just a one hour lecture each and another with a two hour prac. Fortunately one subject doesn't start until May so I'll have Tuesdays off until then.

Hm, two months without an update. One thing I meant to mention but never got 'round to was seeing Radio Birdman at The Tivoli. Their first album, Radios Appear, is as old as I am so they're getting on a bit but they were still amazing. It was also pleasantly smoke-free, despite a few people trying to get away with it.

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