Delusions of Adequacy

Wed, 10 Aug 2011

Yay, migrated.

No, not me. I finally got around to moving's mail to google apps and the rest, including this long-neglected blog, to my linode. Maybe I'll stop neglecting both now?

Since the previous post I've done some.. things.. I tried surviving without net access at home for a while, only using the net at uni/work. I lasted about seven months, finally giving in around March/April 2008. Oh yeah, March 2008, I collapsed on the side of a road while walking home thanks to blood loss from internal bleeding (certainly explained the light-headedness I'd been feeling all day). A few transfunsions and a week in hospital later I had a long boring recovery ahead of me so finally gave in and had ADSL connected at home.

I finished my B.Sc. in Geology but had to abandon honours due to above medical dramas. In 2010 I joined Brisbane Bushwalkers and have since been on a bunch of walks (GPS tracks, photos), mostly involving what passes for mountains around here. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into that before it's too hot. I miss Mt. Barney. :) After all that I'm back to being a sysadmin at place I left before studing Geology. Geology was never meant to lead to a new career, I did it for a break and to satisfy my curiosity. Most of the jobs are in mining which doesn't appeal at all, nor does the non-research parts of being an academic. bleh.

Exciting post? Not really, I'd merely noticed it was coming up to exactly four years since the previous post so thought I'd add something new. :)

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