Delusions of Adequacy

Thu, 21 Oct 2004

New nose

Anyone who's been paying attention on #humbug will know I recently went into hospital to get my deviated septum fixed. It's been a week since surgery and I've had much less pain than I expected. I woke up after the operation with only a dull ache, and other than a few brief sharp stabbing pains each day so far, there's been hardly any pain. The most painful thing was the morphine injection an hour before they removed the packing, that really burned.

I've been told to expect congestion for 3-4 weeks. It clears up occasionally and when it does I can definitely breathe better. Unfortunately it's still a bit tender up there, so after a few deep breaths through my nose it starts to sting a little. Oh, and my nose doesn't look any different, it's the bone further back in they that they straightened, not the cartilage out the front.

It'll be nice to be able to finally be able to breathe properly..

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