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Mon, 26 Dec 2005

Trip so far..

I spent just a couple of days in Bangkok before flying to Hanoi. From Hanoi I took a 3 day tour of Ha Long bay including one night on a boat and day of kayaking, and then a day trip to the Perfume Pagoda. Next was a day of riding a motorbike around Ninh Binh, probably the best day I've had so far. A quick (ha, 90km and something like two hours) bus ride back to Hanoi and a flight later and I was in Hue where I spent the next three nights feeling like crap and not sleeping.

After three days of doing not-much in Hue I caught a train to Da Nang and a taxi to Hoi An. It's meant to be the most scenic part of the Hanoi-Saigon line but rain and mist obscured most of it. In the last two weeks in Vietnam I've only seen the sun twice. I've spent the last 4 nights here in Hoi An, mostly just eating, getting clothes made and sending them and all the stuff I don't need back home. There are plenty pagodas and temples around here but they all start to look the same after the first few..

Tomorrow I fly to Saigon. Unfortunately there's not enough time to see anything in between here and there if I'm going to spend a week in Cambodia and another two in Thailand.

Anyway, here's some pictures:

Ha Long bay from Sung Sot (amazing) cave.
Kayaking through a floating village.
Riding around Ninh Binh (that's the bike in the bottom left corner).
Taken from the back of a bike on my way into Hanoi after arriving at the bus back from Ninh Binh.
(thanks to Jerub/irc for resizing them)

Oh, cool, a bat just flew in and did a few laps around the room..

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