Delusions of Adequacy

Thu, 29 Dec 2005

Off to Cambodia..

Saigon is hot and busy, ugh. Traffic doesn't really seem much worse than Hanoi, the roads are just wider there are more cars. There's more people flogging souvenirs, photocopied books and xe om (motorbike taxi things) rides, 'cept here the xe om riders keep on offering me weed as well. I doubt I'll be left in peace until I get home. I'm looking forward to getting back on roads where everything's going the same direction and the bikes are >110cc.

Tomorrow I'm off on a two day Mekong Delta tour that ends with a boat ride up the Mekong to Phnom Penh. From there I'll go to Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor, then maybe back down to the coast to Sihanoukville then across into Thailand. I was planning on going to Ko Chang but it's sounding expensive and crowded. The whole point of crossing the border down there was to get to Ko Chang, so maybe I'll skip the coast-bit altogether and get straight back to Bangkok then Chiang Mai..

Feel free to send money.

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